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TikTok Showed Us The Real Winner Of The Olympics: Lieke Klaver

We are past the point of proving that TikTok is THE social platform to be on. If you don't get it by now, I don't have much to say. TikTok births trends, stars, sayings, etc. in everything from sports to music. That included the Olympics, which featured a breakout star from the Netherlands....Lieke Klaver. 

Yes, you probably have never heard of her, but if you've been on may have seen her:

Lieke Klaver competed in the mixed relay and women's relay final for her home country, Netherland. Unfortunately, the Dutch did not medal in either of them. The good news for Klaver is she built up quite the following on Instagram...coming into Tokyo with 275k followers, Klaver is now at 430k:

She isn't on TikTok yet, which is a massive mistake from a brand perspective, but if she does hop on there? A million followers guaranteed. Until then, we can enjoy Instagram:

P.s. Kind of baller to run with earings in.