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The Cardinals Had Colt McCoy Unknowingly Make a Cameo for Kyler Murray's Birthday and It Is Hysterical

We have finally found an acceptable and actually funny use for Cameo. I don't know why Colt McCoy and his $20 million in career earnings are on Cameo shelling out birthday messages for $100 in the first place, but I'm certainly glad he is since it gave us this moment.

You always need some levity to break up the monotony of training camp. And there's no better way to do that than using a burner e-mail address and someone else's credit card to get your back-up quarterback to unwittingly send a birthday message to your starter, thinking he's a kid Texas fan named Buddy. Great bit.

I am almost offended on behalf of the mythical Buddy, though. Kliff Kinsbury said the coaches paid double McCoy's fee of $112 to get the video rushed and it was still pretty uninspired. If I was a dad who paid $224 for a one-minute video from a back-up quarterback for my son, you better put on a damn show. That's a rate of $13,440 an hour. You should act like it's tearing you up to not be able to make it to Buddy's party for that kind of money.

But it turns out it was just a prank for his teammate, so no parents were pissed off in the end. If we did learn anything from this, though, it's that a Frank the Tank Cameo for $20 is an infinitely better deal than Colt McCoy for nearly six times the price.