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My Stomach Dropped Watching This Cliff Jumping Video

Aside from being the gamer, I'm a big fan of adventure and thrill. But something like this is where I draw the line. My stomach is turning over as I watch this video on repeat.

All that's going through my mind is what if you step up to the edge of that rock and the rope just decides to give up. This jump and rope swing is LONG, look how far this girl makes it before it even starts remotely swinging back.

How high up do we think this is? The highest cliff I've ever jumped off was 25-30 feet and that felt like a LONG free fall. This jump looks minimum 75+ feet which is simply WAY too high.

Also, this cliff jump is a combination of a normal cliff jump plus adding in a bungee jumping effect with the rope.

Honestly, I admire this girl for her bravery, but I would love to be there for the early conversations about actually trying this thing. This is one of those things I immediately see and go, "Nah, not for me," and move on. 

Were her friends/family nervous? Was she the first one to go? I'm so curious about her story of going from idea to actually jumping off this cliff with a rope and a dream.

Bungee jumping and skydiving are always (2) things I've wanted to try, but haven't quite made it there yet. In reality, I would try skydiving, however I don't think I'll ever work up the courage to try bungee jumping, let alone actually plan to make the trip just to bungee jump. I'm sure the adrenaline rush is unreal, but having one cord separating you from life or death is a bit eerie…

The closest I ever came to one of those activities was when I went Parasailing down the Jersey shore.

Giphy Images.

Simply put, it's such a unique experience that I don't want to ever try again. Think about this, you are 600-800 feet above the water just….floating. It's insanely peaceful and quiet when you're at the max height, but the lack of control is frightening. 

You have beautiful views of the water and surrounding area, but the ascent upwards and downwards are nerve racking. Couple this with the fact that the Captain wants to "dunk" you into the water before you return and it's not a fun combination.

Watch this video below for what "dunking" is:

This isn't a fun time to say the least - think of it like this, you are completely powerless, but the Captain of the boat wants to have a little fun or your family/friends are gonna tip the Captain a couple extra bucks to get you wet. You start descending and you know the dunk is incoming. As you're approaching you see a swarm of jellyfish right underneath you. Chills. You can't run or maneuver. Just gotta hop you don't get stung in the wrong places.

So yeah I won't be bungee jumping, parasailing or jumping off cliffs anytime soon.

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