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Sadly, I Wasn't Allowed To Draft The Best Soundtrack In The Snake Draft. This Is The Definitive List Of Best Songs In Yellowstone

I am not going to go on some tirade about how Red Ed is up to his old tricks with this. The text to the group did say movie soundtracks. Yellowstone is not a movie. Those are the facts. Having said that...I was planning on taking it in the 5th round because that soundtrack absolutely FUCKS. It is all MY music. That kinda "outlaw" country so to speak that is largely outside the Nashville pop country radio hits featuring guys like Dan+Shay, Luke Bryan, and FLGA. If you like that music, that's your right. Music choice is subjective. Just know that it's not good and I am judging you and you're listening to the soulless Backstreet Boys of country music. Again, your choice. There's a place for that music in the spectrum. It's just below the artists that get featured in Yellowstone. 

These are my favorite from the show. I will be making a playlist on apple music because that is my preferred platform

"Whiskey And You"--Chris Stapleton

The most mainstream artist featured on the show. Everyone knows that song above. Many people can relate to the following song

"Daddy Doesn't Pray Anymore"--Chris Stapleton

"I Wish I Was"--Maren Morris

The breakup song for when you need to end a relationship where the girl hasn't done anything wrong, but it's not right. Listen to this song and then rip the bandaid off rather than just slowly letting it fizzle and get toxic. They'll probably still harbor resentment, but at least you did the right thing and listened to a great song. 

"Long Hot Summer Day"--Turnpike Troubadours 

I drove home from Michigan with WSD on Saturday and he was running the music. I was shocked that the first band he put on was the Turnpike Troubadours. This is a guy who notoriously hates country music, but as WSD says "They're so good that they transcend music". The most accurate thing he has ever said about anything. 

"Nose On The Grindstone"--Tyler Childers

After WSD was done with Turnpike Troubadours I requested Tyler Childers. A voice that cuts right to your core. He's never on the radio, but he's become so popular that I feel like everyone knows him now. He's got this one and "Lady May" on the soundtrack

Another that the internet has paved the way for because traditional radio won't…Whiskey Myers

"Stone"--Whiskey Myers

25-30 years ago Whiskey Myers would probably be just considered Rock&Roll, but it feels like music with real edge like them only has a home on the outskirts of country music which is a shame, but that's more for you and me. 

"Wolves"--Ryan Bingham

Ryan Bingham has a character in the show and a bunch of songs of his own on the soundtrack. A duel threat that girls sweat hard. I get it. "Wolves" is a jam. That gravel in his voice gives you a shiver. 

"All Choked Up Again"--Ryan Bingham

"Caroline"--Colter Wall

If you didn't know better you'd probably think this was Johnny Cash. Closest thing to that voice I've ever heard. This guy got in a time machine in 1955 and that's good for your soul. If you need another taste the next one goes a little harder

"Sleeping On The Blacktop"--Colter Wall

"Keep The Wolves Away"--Uncle Lucius

An artist that I only heard of because of this show. Great tune. 

"All I Know"--William Prince

When this song came on the show I instantly paused and googled because I have never heard a voice like this. There's a peace to it. William Prince is Canadian First Nations Gospel singer so…yeah…no chance I'd ever come across him without the help of this show. 

That is my list, but there are dozens more that deserve recognition. I will be putting together that playlist and you should also seek out the playlist curated by Uncle Chaps because there's overlap in songs and sound. I have watched all three seasons of Yellowstone and I still can't decide if it's a good show or if I just like the vistas, the music, and Kevin Costner. Maybe I just want to be an extra on a future season. Rip's long lost brother who sits behind a computer, but has always longed to be free and ride horses through the mountains. I think I could pull it off.