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Football Season Is Officially Here With Our First Wentz vs Foles Debate Of The Year

Death, taxes, Carson Wentz never being able to escape the sights of Nick Foles gunning to take his job. 

You think about some of the most one-sided rivalries of all time. You've got Jerry vs Tom. You've got the Roadrunner vs Wile E. Coyote. And then you've got Nick Foles vs Carson Wentz. Much like herpes, this simply will never go away for Carson. 

Nick Foles is already 2 teams removed from the Eagles. Carson Wentz is out of Philadelphia. And that's how you know it's a curse. When it follows you from city to city, team to team. It's not a haunted house, it's a haunted human. Even when Carson Wentz and Nick Foles aren't in the same quarterback room, the debate still rages on with the fiery tenacity of a thousand suns. 

What did Carson Wentz do to deserve this? What deal with the football devil did he attempt to make which went awry? We may never know. The only thing we truly know is that football season has officially kicked off with the first Wentz vs Foles debate. An annual tradition which seems to not only be withstanding the test of time, but absolutely obliterating it. Go Birds.