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You Can Skip The Coffee This Morning And Just Inject This Box Lacrosse Fight Directly Into Your Veins

Sports are theater. And when you're going to a show, you don't expect to just watch a bunch of people read some lines in monotone without any sort of dramatization or theatrics involved. You want over the top. You want to be wow'd. And let me tell ya, it doesn't get much better than the theatrics before a box lacrosse tilt. 

You've got the eject button getting smashed on the gloves with reckless abandon. You've got the helmets getting slowly and meticulously getting ripped off to build up the tension and drama. You've got elbow pads flying across the floor. And before you even get to the fight, you have this trail of equipment strewn across the floor which tells the whole story. And then? Well then it's go time. 

What a scrap. What a couple of animals getting after it. Heavy bomb after heavy bomb. Fist meet skull, skull meet fist. It's got the theatrics of a hockey fight and the viciousness of a street fight. Can't ask for anything more than that. 

And the only way to cool down after a tilt like that and a huge OJLL Finals win for the St. Catherines Jr A's? A nice, cold bottle of milk. 

Gassin' milk and chuckin' knucks. Just another day in the office.