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The Dodgers Ball Girl Just Took Out a Fan Running Across the Field Like a Strong Safety

I've never once had the thought cross my mind to run onto the field, but I imagine evading the ball boy/girl is not an obstacle you envision having to overcome. My man had every security guard in Los Angeles beat by a good 5 feet and thought he was home free. Running onto the field and avoiding getting tackled is impressive as shit. You get back into the stands and who knows maybe you get out of the stadium somehow. Something you see in only the movies right ?

What he didn't account for was the Dodgers ball girl waiting for him in a balanced stance ready to do whatever it took to get him down like she's playing safety. You think the ball girl is on your side, right? She's there all game protecting you from sharp line drives and tricky one hoppers that could cause some issues. Tossing balls to kids all game and being a hero. You imagine as a fan she'd be on your side all the time. Next thing you know you're flipped on your head and down for the count. Dead. 

I think we can clean up the form a little bit there, but the timing was excellent and you know what the job was done at the end of the day. Did what the 15 security guards couldn't. Someone give her a raise STAT, well done.