Welcome to The Overs Club, Kelly In Vegas

Welcome to Barstool, home of the Overs Club. As I company woman, I decided to jump on board for this college football season. Also thought if I did maybe someone from merch would send me one of those sweet bomber jackets found here:

For the last couple of weeks, I scoured the Barstool sports book app for some value. If you know me at all you know that trying to find a substantial number of overs was painful for me. And if we’re being honest most of these are just fades of the Pick Central guys. Kidding! Though I did give out Iowa State under 9.5 wins on their show a few weeks ago. Here are my favorite nine college football overs for the 2021 season.

Florida over 9 +100

KState over 5.5 -139 

Minnesota over 7 -113

NC state over 6 -167 

Oregon St over 4.5 -113

Ohio State over 11 -125

Texas Tech over 4.5 -152 

UCF over 9.5 -113 

Wyoming over 8 -113

And yes, I know Ohio State plays Minnesota week one… take the points, you’re welcome.