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Hasbulla Was Just Called Out By A Victorious Fighter At UFC 265

Rafael Fiziev and Bobby Green just put on a BANGER of a fight for this UFC 265 crowd in Houston, and in his post-fight interview with Daniel Cormier, the victorious Fiziev used his mic time to call out Hasbulla! Like...THE Hasbulla!

What a superstar Hasbulla is; a true global icon. Getting called out by UFC fighters on the grandest stage of mixed martial arts just months after the exploding onto the scene.

I hate to say it, though, but Fiziev - you ain't the money fight for Hasbulla. Lil guy will probably hit him with one of these….

It's Abdu Rozik/Henry Cejudo or bust right now.

Hasbulla may actually become the new Conor McGregor in terms of everyone callin him out post-fight. They all want a shot at the king, ya know?

P.S. I'm alright with Fiziev getting the W there but 30-27?! What are we doing?!