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From The Clouds, Al Avila Signs Jonathan Schoop To A 2 Year Extension

Alright, I’m starting to believe. I’m starting to buy into the fact that this may be a team that is really about to spend money this off-season. Now look, 15 million over 2 years is not exactly a gangbuster contract, but it is exactly what this roster needs right now. Jonathan Schoop is a damn good ballplayer. He’s a good hitter and he has been through a majority of his career outside of what was a rocky contract year in 2018. He’s been good this and year he was good last year in the 60 game season. He’s a well above average bat and a serviceable enough defender for a team that has been lacking in both categories over the last several years. In terms of signings, this to me is far and away the crowning achievement of the Al Avila tenure so far. For the sake of fairness, I do have to say that I’m not really saying much by making that claim. Al Avila has not exactly hit home runs since he took over as GM in 2015. 


I’m a bit stunned. I’m not stunned that the Tigers resigned Jonathan Schoop. I knew that they would have the money to do so, but I’m stunned that they did it during the season. I’m stunned that Schoop didn’t wait until he got to free agency to try to get into a bidding war. But it’s very obvious that he’s comfortable in Detroit.

While you have to tip your cap to Al Avila for this deal, I think it says a lot about the culture the A.J. Hinch is creating in Detroit. You can hoard as many top prospects as you want, but eventually you’re going to have to create an environment that people want to be at. I am 100% certain that Jonathan Schoop could’ve hit the free-agent market and made way more than 7.5 million dollars a year. He chose not to.

Signing Jonathan Schoop to a 2 year extension is not some earth shattering move that is going to change the landscape of baseball. But for the first time since the Dave Dombrowski era, it finally feels like the Detroit Tigers are taking the easy route and actually spending the gobs of money that they have always had. Sometimes you don’t have to drive around the block just to get next door. Detroit was going to have a void at second base, so they filled that void. In terms of overall dollars and cents, this is not a massive deal. But I think symbolically it says a lot in regards to what it means for this organization going forward. It seems like they’re ready to make a splash. Now go out and sign a shortstop.