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Draymond Green Is Calling Out Every Person Who Said Team USA Wouldn't Win Gold And He's Starting By Going At Kendrick Perkins

What a bizarre run for Team USA here. From losing a couple times in exhibition games to having to replace guys (Bradley Beal was pretty important), getting the 2nd best player on the team to Tokyo the day of the first game and then losing to France. Only for them to run through everyone to the gold medal game. And now? Well, Draymond is walking around like Omar from The Wire. 

If you see Durant and Draymond on IG Live together you just know that they are ready to attack someone. This person happened to be Kendrick Perkins. I love that Draymond called him out directly by name for talking about Team USA being the 4th best team in the Tournament, which is just stupid. This wasn't even close to the best team we could have sent but we still have Kevin Durant. Kind of a weak response from Perk though. 

Now listen, Team USA looked like shit to start. They never should lose to Nigeria, Australia or France. Not when we are still sending this sort of roster. I do love how Team USA is basically just drunk right now since they had hours to kill for the Bronze medal game. 

You know what? This is going to sound insane. I'm with Draymond. Talk your shit. You win gold and Draymond was huge for Team USA, you talk shit. Go after anyone and everyone that said Team USA wouldn't win gold. And now thanks to Old Takes Exposed, I'm part of this list. 

Weird how I said this team should never lose, the world didn't catch up with us and the key was moving Jrue to the lead guard spot since that blog was during the loss to France. Oh well.