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Never. A. Doubt.

Ho hum, gold medal. That's just Team USA basketball. More importantly it was a revenge game. We know what happened to start the Olympics. France beat us, we looked like shit and there were a million questions. But it was all answered because Kevin Durant is fucking unreal. Best player Team USA basketball player career ever. Pretty unfair to be that tall, that skilled and that good. Jrue Holiday became an American basketball hero flying to Tokyo after the Finals and being the 2nd best player on Team USA. I can't stress how important Holiday was to this team. Yeah, Durant was unreal and always awesome but with Dame struggling all Olympics having Holiday there saved this team. Gotta feel good for Holiday to be able to tell his wife he has a gold medal too now. 

As for this game, it was weird. Durant was Durant. Dude just shows up in gold medal games and drop 30. Tatum came off the bench and was huge in the first half. Dame showed up and hit some big shots in the 4th. Bam did Bam things and just disrupt it all. Then there was Draymond. FIBA Draymond is a goddamn genius. 

That's the little shit that Draymond does that was so important to this team. Crazy how good he was during this run. LaVine too. LaVine was sneaky a top-3 or 4 player for this team, especially with Dame struggling. But the fact is France talked shit, US won. That's what we do. 

Best part is going forward we have 3 guys from this team who realistically should play in the next two Olympics. One of the biggest problems has been keeping players and keeping a team together. That won't ever happen, but we have 3 guys - Booker, Bam and Tatum that should play in 3 Olympics together. Decent core to build around with guys like Zion, Trae, Ja Morant and all those other young dudes. Obviously we have no idea about injuries/fatigue - it's still bullshit we haven't seen Kawhi as a Team USA guy - but the core is there to keep kicking the world's ass. As for these Olympics? Never in doubt.