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Receiving a One Item Refund When a Food Delivery Service Forgets Your Favorite Meal/Drink is the Biggest Empty Gesture We Continue To Live With

NurPhoto. Getty Images.

Forgive me while I rant about something that is entirely #1stWorldProblems and has little to no importance while the world goes through all the issues that it does. That being said, this has been on my mind for years and I have a feeling based on the responses to my tweet it happens to you guys too. 

So here I am Thursday night watching the Yankee game and I get a craving for Taco Bell. I order a billion tacos and nachos to curb my hunger. Sometimes you just want to ring the bell, hold your judgement please. What drink do I want to go with meal? A Baja Blast, duh. Nothing like a good Baja Blast after not having one in a long time. 30 minutes later the door bell rings, my food has arrived, but all I'm handed is a bag of food. No drink, and just like that sadness sets in. Everything is ruined.

If I'm being frank with you, all I really wanted was the Baja Blast. I'd give back the tacos and everything else I got to just have that drink. Instead it was taken away from me due to some display of incompetency from either the store or delivery service. What's the next step here? You go on the website, which I will keep unnamed in case they become a future advertiser, and you submit a complaint saying you have items missing. What's the end result of this complaint? I received a $4 refund for my missing drink. Awesome, four dollars I'll go fuck myself. Now listen I'm not going to be that guy who says $4 is nothing because there was certainly a time out of college where I had to check my bank account hourly to make sure I had enough for the next purchase. What I am saying is that the price of forgetting my Baja Blast was so much more than $4. I don't even know why I submitted my complaint now that I think about it. I knew I was just gonna get my $4 back, but if I do nothing am I letting them win? I'm certainly not going to order a solo Baja Blast and waste another delivery person's time. It's just a moment of pure sadness that you are forced to live with. 

My question to you, the reader, is how do we fix this? How does America overcome this hurdle? I never want to have this feeling again, but I most certainly will. This isn't a Taco Bell problem or the unnamed service I used to get my food, it's a service wide industry fault. These issues will continue to happen and so will these empty gesture, slap in the face refunds. I don't want your $4, I want my Baja Blast. Figure it out. 

P.S. Pure degeneracy move I've been doing lately but next time you get a Baja Blast throw 2-3 shots of tequila in there. Talk about a game changer. Alright I'll wear the judgement on that one, but it's fantastic.