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Now It's Time For Team USA To Kick Their Ass - The French Players Are Guaranteeing A Gold Medal Tonight

This is exactly what I wanted to see today. TLC out here guaranteeing a win against Team USA. Oh just because you beat us once? Well guess what pal? Kevin Durant sucked that game and Kevin Durant rarely sucks for Team USA. Pop sucked that game and didn't have our regular starting lineup. We now have Jrue and Booker in the starting five. We have a rotation and we are Team USA. You don't guarantee wins. We guarantee wins. This is still basketball the last time I checked and we all know that we fucking dominate that sport. 

How pissed would you be if you're a French teammate right now? They know how Kevin Durant works, they have a bunch of NBA dudes. Durant LIVES on Twitter. It's really the only thing he's better at than basketball. If you don't think he saw this tweet the moment it came out and is using his for mental prep, you're insane. The guy lives to dunk on people on Twitter and now he gets to do it in real life. I already can't wait for TLC to get switched on Durant and KD immediately calling for a clear out. He'll have that smirk before he pulls up. 

There's no doubt that Team USA struggled in exhibitions and against France. That was before we found the right moves. Jrue Holiday as the lead guard. Bringing in LaVine early on and letting him cook. The Draymond/Bam duo of short rolls and kicks. Booker finding his shooting. Tatum starting to find his shots. This is a different team a week later. Those are just facts. We're going to start slow and then we're going to dominate the second half. 

I needed a reason to get fired up for France besides revenge. Now we have a guarantee. 10:30 tonight. 4th gold medal in a row.