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This Little Leaguer Giving a Shoutout to His Clearly Multiple Girlfriends on National TV Is Going Places

I see you, Davin Ritter. Any 12-year-old could go up to film his Little League World Series intro and give a shoutout to "Allison" or "Hannah" or whoever else his sixth grade girlfriend is. But if you pay close attention, that is not what Davin does.

After saying he'd like to give a shoutout to his girlfriend, he hits 'em with the, "You know who you are," followed by a damn wink! My man is running roughshod all over whatever Oklahoma middle school he attends. There are four different girls who all think they just received a message from Davin through the ESPN airwaves. What a legend.

This kid is going to be an absolute killer in a few years. And if he turns out to be anything on the baseball field, go ahead and multiply that by about 10.

I hope this Oklahoma team keeps advancing, because my guy Davin deserves a trip to Williamsport.