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Guns N' Roses Just Released Their First New Song In 13 Years

What a wild surprise to wake up to on this beautiful Friday morning! 

We've got an official release of the "new" song Guns N' Roses performed at Fenway earlier this week, entitled, 'Absurd'....

I don't hate the fast/hard rock n' roll instrumental, but Axl doesn't sound great here, in my opinion - the weird fake accent singing doesn't do it for me. 

Also, I keep putting "new" in quotes because it's not necessarily all that new, being they were playin it under a different name ('Silkworms') on tour 20 years ago....

….which explains why it sounds like such a Buckethead-era track; because it IS a Buckethead-era track, with a buncha Slash solos thrown on top of it!

Still, it's awesome that Axl/Slash/Duff are finally putting music out together after god knows how long, and I'd love to hear more! Even more in the same 'Chinese Democracy'-era industrial-rock vein! 'Absurd' just ain't it for me personally.

P.S. This is not technically their first 'new' song in 13 years, as the previously unreleased 'Shadow Of Your Love' was included on the Appetite for Destruction Box Set put out in 2018, but I wanted to go with the sexy headline, so I lied. Sue me.