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Goodbye, Team Twist: Big Brother 23 Week 4 Power Rankings

We are BACK with another week of Big Brother Power Rankings (after a one week hiatus). It was another unanimous vote this week, but things are far from smooth inside the house. Alliances are becoming more clear day by day, and the resumes of the houseguests are better for some than others. Here is a brief recap Week 4 followed by this week's power rankings:

Head of Household (HOH): Christian

Wildcard Winner: Claire

Pre-Veto Nominees: Hannah and Whitney

Veto Winner: Christian (not used)

Post-Veto Nominees: Hannah and Whitney

Evicted: Whitney (10-0 vote)

12. Britini (14) - After a few weeks as the pawn on the block, Britini finally got to vote this time around for the first time since Week 1. Unfortunately, she is not in enough big alliances to have a great chance to win the game. 

11. Azah (8) - After a hot start to the game, Azah hasn't had any power over the last few weeks. Her tight relationship with Britini has not come across well to her other Cookout alliance members, and we'll see if that affects her moving forward.

10. Derek F. (7) - Derek's drop in the rankings this week is mainly because of his struggles to say the four words, "I vote to evict..." I'm only half kidding. But come on, Big D! "Evote" is not a word!

9. Hannah (9) - The good news? Hannah survived the block this week. The bad news? There were talks of her becoming a dangerous social player and painting a bigger target on her back. That is something to monitor going forward.

8. Alyssa (10) - Alyssa has been in a great spot during the majority of this game so far. However, she is in a showmance with Christian, and showmances ALWAYS become targets at one point or another. She has to hope that her "Royal Flush" alliance members keep on winning HOH in order for her to avoid the block. 

7. Christian (11) - Christian has proven himself to be an absolute competition beast this season. He has five comp wins already, which is great for his resume. Unfortunately, that combined with the showmance he is in is going to make him a very popular target if somebody outside the Royal Flush has power moving forward.

6. Derek X. (5) - After winning a few veto comps to begin the season, Derek X. is in an interesting spot. Being the only non-king or queen in the Royal Flush alliance, he's on his own and could be seen as being the first target within that group. That slip up to Whitney about her going home could have been disastrous, too.

5. Claire (3) - The final Wildcard victory for Claire was a clutch one. She is automatically guaranteed a spot on the jury, and her teammates had no hard feelings about making that individual move. Her next potential big move would be figuring out that The Cookout exists.

4. Sarah Beth (4) - SB was the leader of the pack in terms of trying to flip the vote and getting Hannah out this week. But The Cookout members wouldn't budge, and her plan felt short. She seems to have a great social game, though, especially with Kyland. She's another candidate for trying to figure out that The Cookout has been in charge for the majority of the game.

3. Kyland (2) - Other than Week 1, Kyland really hasn't been a block nominee this season yet, and that's always a good thing. He already has a HOH win on his resume, too. Will his relationship with Sarah Beth interfere with The Cookout? That could be a potential fork in the road that makes or breaks his game.

2. Xavier (6) - After winning HOH last week, Xavier laid low this week, and everything went according to plan for him. His alliance member stayed, and nobody is mentioning him as a target.

1. Tiffany (1) - She is the clear frontrunner to win this game right now. She is always on top of who is making what move, knows how to manipulate other houseguests, and does what is best for her. It's Tiffany's game to lose at this point.


16th place: Travis

15th place: Frenchie

14th place: Brent

13th place: Whitney