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I Am Not Willing To Get Shot If My Team Wins The Super Bowl

It was a hot start for the majority of the Pardon My Take crew's football teams in Week 1 of the 2022 NFL Season. The Bears, Commanders, Dolphins, and Eagles were all victorious to move to 1-0 on the year. Mr. Commenter was so excited that his squad began the season with a win, that be made a BOLD statement regarding a potential Washington Commanders Super Bowl run:

"If the Commanders win the Super Bowl, I'll get shot in my leg." - PFT Commenter, 9/12/22

I then immediately attempted to veto that action, because in no world do I want my friend and boss to get SHOT! Mr. Cat then doubled down and joined his cohost in that crew...

"If the Bears win the Super Bowl, I'll also get shot." - Big Cat, 9/12/22

Hank, someone who has been fortunate enough to witness his team win multiple Super Bowls over the last decade, then asked Billy and I when we got so soft. He then was all in as well…

"If the Patriots win the Super Bowl, I'll get fucking shot in the leg." - Henry Lockwood, 9/12/22

Billy and the Jets got himself involved as well just a few moments later…

"If the Jets win the Super Bowl, I'll get shot." - Billy Football, 9/12/22 (who also agreed to getting lit on fire in the Jets win it all)

PFT then took another shot (pun certainly intended) at me trying to agree to this deal, but I wasn't going to let the peer pressure get to me.

"No. I am soft." - Jake Marsh, 9/12/22 (and then PFT called me a pus*y, which I agreed to being true)

Luckily, there is an AWL who is willing to take my spot…

Do I enjoy rooting for the Dolphins? Absolutely. Am I willing to put my life on the line (literally) if they won the Super Bowl? No thank you. Just being honest here. 

In 2022, I have gotten out of my comfort zone by dipping at an NBA Playoff game and wearing a bra behind the bench at an NHL Playoff game, but I draw the line at getting shot. Sorry, folks! I'll say this, however - if this hypothetical gave me the chance to guarantee that I could CALL the Super Bowl on television one day, then I think I'd have no choice but to take it.