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It Should Be Illegal For A Man Of This Stature To Do Backflips Like This

Just an unimaginable showing of athleticism here. This man weighs 275 pounds and is flying through the air like a god damn acrobat! Let him compete for a second gold medal in the floor routine in gymnastics for gods sake! The judges would have to take into account him being double the size of the other contestants right?

Congrats again to Gable Steveson (Barstool Athlete, no big deal) on winning the Gold Medal in 125kg Freestyle Wrestling. 

My initial thought when I saw him pull off the miraculous buzzer-beater come from behind win and backflip was “holy shit what an athlete, future 2028 UFC heavyweight champ?” Apparently he has some thoughts on potentially linking up with Vince McMahon and the WWE? Who knows but winning a gold medal is definitely gonna open some massive doors for your future. God bless this nimble unit KING. Can’t wait to see what he does next.