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Congrats To Memphis For Landing No. 2 Recruit Jalen Duren - Now Maybe They Can Actually Make An NCAA Tournament

Hey good for Memphis. This is important. They needed to land Jalen Duren because, well, he's awesome and Memphis hasn't made an NCAA Tournament since 2014. They haven't made a Sweet 16 since John Calipari was still the head coach. Not exactly ideal for a pretty decent basketball program. Instead Penny talks about how he wants all the smoke and then ... just doesn't win. 

Great quote and all, but uh you may want to back that up at some point. I'm not even an anti-Penny guy. He's cool, he's awesome, he's good for college hoops. Having a name like that and a dude who will challenge anyone and everything? Sign me up. He hasn't exactly had the best track record with big time recruits though. James Wiseman played 3 games before an NCAA fiasco. Moussa Cisse was a top-10 recruit who transferred to Oklahoma State after one year. Now he's about to (likely) land Emoni Bates and Jalen Duren.

This is where I'll give credit to Penny and Memphis though. They know how to recruit especially with NIL. Duren was pretty open about how important it was for the NCAA to allow guys to make money on NIL. Well, that FedEx money is right there. Pretty lucrative deals to be had if you're a big time recruit. Key here is Duren reclassifying to this year too. The talent is there, but Memphis does need to get consistent point guard play and if they can consistently be decent offensively. 

Penny wanted all the smoke, he now has it. Time to show up. 

Obligatory mixtape.