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Wrestler From Kazakhstan Was So Desperate For A Win, He Decided To Do The Logical Thing And BITE His Opponent For 15 Seconds

Don't say it ....

DON'T SAY IT .....


One bite everyone knows the rules. 

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Goddamnit it was right there. I apologize. 

What the hell is going on at these Olympics with biting people? Seriously, I'm concerned. We had the boxer go all Mike Tyson and get busted. 

Now we have this wrestler biting a dude for 15 seconds? Stop biting people. I shouldn't have to say this to anyone - including my 2-year old son. He knows biting is wrong. My dog knows biting is wrong. If we can teach my big dumb perfect chocolate lab and kid not to bite, Olympic athletes should be in the same boat. 

I'll tell you what though. Yeah, this wrestler biting people is a shit head. Of course the ref here is a massive shit head too. He's skating by without getting shit and I won't stand for it. No DQ, no penalty, no nothing. The Indian wrestler show him his arm and he's looking right at it. Bro there are teeth marks. What else could that be? Pretty simple to put the math together. Fucking refs man. Doesn't matter the sport, they all stink at their job. 

Shout out the dude for winning though. You bite me I'm quitting on the spot. Very easy way for me just to give up. Walk right off the mat and just start screaming about how I was bit. I'm all for competition but have some respect and don't bite people.