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Some Dude Tried To Run On Stage At Kanye West’s DONDA Premier And Promptly Got Tackled By Every Security Guard In Atlanta

A couple things:

1. It was a big performance. Lotta folks on stage. No way for security to know for sure who was and was not supposed to be out there. Unless, of course, you’re wearing BRIGHT ORANGE in a sea of black clothing. Then they’ll probably see you. Tough break, a slight wardrobe miscalculation and now your spine doesn’t work. 

2. First security guard did a decent job tripping up Orange’s forward progress. He wont get credit on the stat sheet for a tackle but he deserves some recognition for getting the runner off-balance and forcing him into the undertow of human current that put my man in a spin cycle in which he never recovered. Stumblin’ and bumblin’ right into the teeth of the secondary. 

3. I think that security guard who went full Terry Tate Office Linebacker might have accidentally Jason Street’d himself. There was a whole lotta no movement after he speared Orange from behind from either end of that hit. If he’s ok the Falcons need to get him in training camp ASAP, they could use the help on the defensive side of the ball.