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Two Mets Fans Almost Came To Blows Over Loss To The Marlins Today

LOUD NOISES!!!!!!!!!!!! 

The 2021 Mets might be the team that finally tears this office apart. I had to get out of there before one of two things happened. 1) My ear drums exploded into a million pieces leaving me without the ability to hear for the rest of my life or 2) I caught a ricochet punch square to the temple that knocked me unconscious. Who knows the strength Frank possesses in his fists when he‘s angry about the Mets?! One shot could kill me for Christ‘s sake. That man is an assassin when it comes to New York Mets baseball. 

Frank the Tank has stunningly shifted KFC from known hater to maybe the most positive Mets fan on planet earth. Frank has a negative energy that’s unmatched by maybe even satan himself. Don’t get it twisted Frank the Tank is a KING but he has an ability to be negativity that you just can’t teach. If there was a negativity draft board he’d be the most can’t miss prospect since John Elway. I’m just thankful I wasn‘t harmed in the making of this video. Pray for the Mets and pray for Frank the Tank’s hats if this season keeps going south. The man loves to chew on his hats when he’s upset. 

P.S. - The Mets are in first place but cashing that Marlins ML ticket felt damn good