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Jameis Truck Stick Mode: ACTIVATED

Why yes Jayden Xavier Fleur De Lis, that is your QB1 absolutely laying the hammer down on that tackling machine. Probably broke the damn thing while looking like Deuce McAllister hitting the hole in his prime. If you are a leader of men, you need to prove to those men that you are willing to go into battle so they will follow you into battle every Sunday and I sure as shit didn't see any other other players in red jerseys run through that padded pigskin gauntlet, including noted fantasy tight end Taysom Hill. Poor Drew Brees would've needed a new shoulder rib if he even glanced at it.

Jameis going 30/30 with the Bucs then riding the bench for a season with the Saints was a minor setback for a major comeback and that comeback begins now with 20/20 vision along with a 99 TRUCK rating as they eat more dubs than gumbo in the bayou this year.