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Congrats To Turkish Volleyball Player Zehra Gunes For Winning The World Over And Hitting A Million Followers Thanks To The Olympics

One of the things I love about the Olympics is you never know who will become a star in a random sport. We all know the gymnastics and track and field people. But every four years we are introduced to someone new and it really is huge for their career. Today that person is Turkish volleyball player Zehra Gunes. She won the world over during her match with South Korea yesterday. Impressive really. Just do yourself a favor and search Zehra Gunes on Twitter. There are a zillion tweets from people in every country talking about her. (h/t Yahoo)

Despite the Turkish team’s defeat to South Korea’s team and losing their ticket to the semi-finals, Gunes’ fit physique, stunning skills, and mesmerising looks have captured the world’s attention. During the competition with South Korea, the 22-year-old’s name started trending on Twitter in South Korea. 

Landing a ho hum million followers on Instagram now. That's important! For athletes in sports like volleyball, the more followers the more deals they can land. Last time I checked money is pretty important in life. You need a little bit to do stuff. Things somehow cost money, breaking news I know. 

So congrats to Zehra Gunes for hitting the milli club. Pretty impressive stuff. Gotta love the Olympics man.