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I Simply Can't Believe That Nic Batum Made THIS Ridiculous Play To Send France To The Gold Medal Game

What a fucking play man. Nicolas Batum has been around forever and I still can't believe he made this block. Timed it perfectly, swatted it against the glass, won France the game. Pretty ridiculous ending between Slovenia and France for the right to play us in the gold medal game. Doncic out here dropping the first triple double since 2012 and just the third overall triple double in the Olympics. But how does he pass the ball here? I don't care if quite literally everyone who has spent a minute in France was defending him here. This is Luka's team. These have been his Olympics. You don't trust anyone else unless Goran Dragic decided to come down from the stands and get a shot the last second. I have no idea why he gave it up that early too. It wasn't like France threw a double at him. It was a simple pinch. He just ... passed the ball. It makes no sense. But what a recovery from Batum. Forces the pass then uses his body to time it perfectly. 

Fine. As much as I wanted to see KD take a game against Luka personally, give me the rematch with France. I want to beat them by 100 and win a gold medal right in their face before welcoming Evan Fournier to the Knicks. Friday at 10:30pm eastern, it's gold medal time.