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This "60 Minutes" Segment About Tony Bennett's Final Concert Is Incredibly Moving And You Should Take The Time To Watch It

Anderson Cooper did this story on Tony Bennett's final concert a few weeks back on "60 Minutes" and it was one of the most poignant that the legendary news program has ever aired. I think pretty much everybody nowadays has unfortunately had a relative deal with or is dealing with dementia and/or Alzheimer's so the segment was pretty easy to relate to. But "60 Minutes" never induced waterworks out of me like this before.

Seeing him sort of confused on the couch during the interview but then watching his musical muscle memory kick in for an hour-long rehearsal was incredible to see. Then seeing his wife remind him what he was at Radio City Music Hall for was heartbreaking...until those curtains opened up and it was suddenly 50 years ago. And that "Lady Gaga!" moment just breaks the dam. 

Speaking of, we should all have a friend as loving, loyal, and protective as Lady Gaga is with Tony. Her words about him toward the end of the segment can provide a measure of comfort for others watching relatives/friends going through the same terrible shit.

Tony Bennett has had quite a life. WWII hero. Addiction survivor. Iconic entertainer for decades. And Cooper's terrific story just adds to his legend. This is a beautiful, sad, life-affirming, and ultimately uplifting segment about the power of music, friendship, and love. Take 13 minutes out of your day to watch it.