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The New York Giants Are Forcing Units Into Retirement

Last week, the Giants cut fellow Unit and former FSU athlete, Kelvin Benjamin, after he showed up to training camp 17 pounds heavier than what the Giants wanted him to be. (Clear Unit Shaming!)

Now, the Giants have lost another Unit. Veteran OL Joe Looney retired today, just four days after signing with the team and one day after a team wide brawl caused Coach Judge to stop practice and have the players run punishment laps.

Punishment laps are a necessary tool in every coaches bag, but they must be used appropriately. A punishment lap for a cornerback is not the same as it is for a lineman and each additional lap compounds. Coaches must understand the law of diminishing returns and when it comes to Units, those returns diminish quick! As men of girth, it only takes a few laps to correct our behavior. Any lap over that correction is not only unnecessary, but they are detrimental to whatever the desired lesson is. We don’t know the number of laps Coach Judge had the players run, but it was at least one too many and now the Giants have one less Unit.

Looney got off lucky as he is able to retire from the team and move on with his life. Our dear friend Clem does not have that luxury. He can’t just retire from Giants fandom. When Giants take a lap, Clem takes a lap. That is Coach Judge’s standard. Let us pray that standard is not too high.