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WATCH: Two Deer Get Into a Boxing Match Caught on a Security Camera

I'm gonna be honest with y'all: I've never gone into a video with such high expectations, had them validated in the first five seconds and then been so let down. But I figured y'all should still see this anyway.

All the makings are there for an instant classic. Both of these deer want that food, they immediately square up and decide they're gonna do the damn thing and then it turns out neither one of them wants any of the smoke at all. They dance around for 15 seconds, get in a two-second slap fight and then call it a day.

Deer have great PR people, though. All you hear about is how much you don't want to fuck with deer. They're the sneaky animals you don't want to run up on, or so the conventional wisdom goes. Turns out even the deer in Texas aren't willing to square up and do something. Absolute frauds.

Anyway, here are some deer that are actually about it, which you deserve for clicking on this blog.