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Check Out This Absolute Unit Of A Turtle

The ocean is filled with insane mystery. They say we know more about the surface of the moon than the ocean. We have only explored 5 percent of the ocean. When we think of turtles, no one thinks about ginormous monsters the size of VW beetle. This thing looks like something out of a Japanese monster movie. 

Daiei. Shutterstock Images.

Yeah, so the 95% of the ocean we haven't explored? 100% have gigantic monsters in it no doubt. The Leatherback sea turtle is the largest turtle in the world and the heaviest non-crocodilian reptile. They can dive 4,800 feet deep and swim up to 21.48mph in the water. This one pictured isn't even one of the heaviest turtles recorded as this one was about 440lbs while the largest ever found was 2019lbs.

Here's a video of another specimen.