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The Ass Of A Life-Sized Sumo Statue Is Apparently Scaring A Bunch Of Horses During Competition At The Olympics

[NBC] - Riders say a life-size sumo wrestler positioned next to the 10th obstacle on the 14-jump Olympic course may have distracted several horses in qualifying for the individual jumping final Tuesday night. A few pairings pulled up short of the barrier, accumulating enough penalty points to prevent entry into Wednesday’s finals.

The statue is positioned to the left of a jump placed in the corner of the arena. Hunched over and seemingly ready to attack, the wrestler is facing away from approaching riders, meaning that when they complete a sharp turn to take on the jump, the first thing horse and human see is the wedgie created by the wrestler’s mawashi.

“I did notice four or five horses really taking a spook to that,” Charles said.

That's it. That's enough of these Olympics. We don't need to be out here scaring horses with a life-sized sumo statue. Now if we're going to do something like that, let's start scaring people. Give me BASEketball psyche outs during a marathon run where a guy can jump out onto the street and cause a jump. Better than scaring a horse with a sumo wrestler. Horses don't know better, they see a life-sized statue ready to fight. Really what I want though is to turn some of these events into American Gladiators, like climbing. 

That's just the wall event from Gladiators. Are these guys and gals incredible at it? Sure. But let's see Nitro and Ice chase them down and really light a fire under their ass. That's way more entertaining. I swear every Olympics we get all these crazy new events that pop up on Twitter and I never have any idea what's going on. Give me a little bit of a twist. 

Imagine missing out on advancing because of this sumo statue though? I'd be throwing the biggest fit of all time. I'd be demanding a redo without the sumo around. Like I said, you can't help if a horse is scared and rightfully so. Actually I'd be calling for the pros to come in and take care of this.