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Video: Brandon Walker Yells At Big Mouth Bass

I'm not quite sure what it is, but this is one of those videos I've found myself watching more times than I care to admit and I'm not alone...

125K views at this point with no bells or whistles... Just a simple man in a basic boat slicing through Mississippi's natural summertime symphony with his unpredictable rage. 

For a recap, at 00:13 he paddles air for some reason & then at 00:21 the large mouth bass starts flopping all around the flat-bottom like a fumbled football on crisco-glazed ice. This is especially problematic because, obviously, Brandon has no shoes on. The yelling begins,


Which I believe is southern shorthand for, 

"Daggone stupid ol' fish, dang! My feet!"

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Another aspect of this video I enjoy, besides seeing Brandon upset, is that - if you listen carefully - a frog near the edge of the pond escalates its croaks with the action. The more he yells the louder the frog gets, too. It's almost as if an amphibian is smart enough to mock him. 

In BWalk's defense, I asked him how big that slippery sucker was. Perhaps it was the sheer size that caused too much of a motion in that small pond ocean and… oh…

* Brandon here - I was yelling "QUIT", not "WHEY" like some idiot. And Kate's just desperate for a blog. She's a stupid cu-

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