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"Suga" Sean O'Malley Just Got A Tattoo Of Himself Celebrating A Knockout On His Neck

Listen - I ain't gonna judge what ANYONE else decides to permanently ink on their bodies as I sit here with Star Wars/Batman tattoos covering my forearm, but getting a picture of yourself takin a fake jumpshot tattooed on your own neck is soooome move!

At least it's pretty detailed and well done?!

I don't know what's crazier to me, though - the fact that Sean got THIS tattoo, or the fact that he got a '69' tattoo last week and let Tekashi do it himself!

Does anyone doubt that Suga's gonna wind up lookin like 6ix9ine soon, though, especially at the rate he's goin?!


I'm pretty sure he may WANT that look, being he's such a Tekashi fan right now. 

Who knows, tho - Suga ain't the easiest personality to predict. I just wanna see him back in that octagon ASAP.