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Nickmercs Has Officially Quit Warzone For Good

This has been a long time coming and if you watch Nick regularly, you saw this coming before it was "officially" announced. It's no surprise that Warzone is in the worst state that it's ever been in. However, many average players probably won't notice the rampant amount of hackers within the game. This is due to Skills-Based Matchmaking. Unfortunately for creators like Nick, Tim, Cloakzy and more, hackers will always be in their lobbies because Activision's algorithm matches players with similar skill. Therefore, the best players are at the significant disadvantage of constantly having hackers in their lobbies.

Don't get me wrong, the average player will run into a few hackers, but it's nothing in comparison to players at the highest level. That's one of the reasons why I took a hiatus from Warzone - almost every single game I'd run into multiple cheaters and hackers. I'll be trying to get back into the swing of Warzone soon, but with a twist - I'll be taking a more casual approach (crazy, I know). I wanna use off-meta guns, start doing whacky challenges, you name it. If you want me to complete a challenge you request, join chat!

Given all the talk about Apex lately, you know I had to hop on the game and this was the result.


Also, this happened today.


At this time, we're seeing creators switch to Splitgate, Apex, Valorant and more. With New World coming out soon, I expect a lot of creators to start grinding that game (drops August 31st). 

Lately, you've been seeing me talk a lot about Splitgate, if you wanna know the 101 about the game - watch the video above!

For now, I still want to make Warzone content to help the average player become better, so you can carry your friends to dubs on dubs. I have a ton of YouTube videos covering the current meta and comparing specific guns - checkout the videos below.