Carl Invades Chicago's #1 Packers Bar | Da Bars Episode I

I'm running back the first episode of this new series I launched with Miller Lite. Da Bars will be taking me around Chicago in pursuit of some of our most famous watering holes. We're not here to promote the trendiest and sexiest places. Instead we're focusing on the places that make Chicago special and what better start than Will's Northwoods. Even if it's a Packers bar, it's a Chicago landmark and the perfect place to close out the NBA finals. 

I'll be filming episode 2 in the coming week. I've narrowed it down to a couple spots but still need to pull the trigger on the final location. The problem of trying to pick a spot for the boys is just as hard now as it was in my mid-20's. Fortunately I have enough experience coming in and out of bars that I should be able to keep this going. Obviously you guys welcome to make suggestions to me on twitter. Just don't get salty if I don't end up reviewing your place just yet. It takes a village to build Rome in a day, or something like that. Point is please be patient. 

Until then, enjoy your Millers responsibly. I know it's difficult because they're so delicious but please remember that slow & steady wins the race.