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Let The Ben Simmons Offseason Propaganda Commence!

A quick summary on how I feel about Ben Simmons training in an empty gym against non-NBA opponents in the offseason:

Giphy Images.

At this point I'll give Ben Simmons one (1) benefit of the doubt. And that's due to the fact that he'd get flamed on either side of the coin here. Either he keeps popping up at places like Wimbledon and everybody flames him for not being in the gym working on his shot. Or he posts a video of himself working out in an empty gym and everybody flames him because it doesn't mean jack shit until he actually proves he can do it in a game. 

Now maybe if this bozo decided to have an ounce of pride and play in the Olympics, that would be a different story. Maybe if this bozo would have an ounce of integrity, he'd call up all his buddies at Klutch and train against some other guys in the league. But until that day comes, North Korea is blushing at the amount of propaganda coming out of the Ben Simmons camp. Only thing we can hope for now is that some slap dick GM around the league falls for it and Daryl Morey can finally do the damn trade.