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The Australian Rugby Team Can't Stop Wreaking Havoc - This Time They Got Too Drunk On The Plane Ride Home And Had To Apologize

There may be no group of people who loves to enjoy drinking more than the Australian Rugby Sevens team. The moment they flamed out at the Olympics and realized they had to go home, they got drunk as shit in Olympic Village and destroyed rooms and now got too drunk on a plane. 

This time though they swapped in the soccer team for the rowing team. Upgrade if you ask me. I don't know much about rowing guys except they typically go to Harvard and got screwed out of Facebook. But now we're talking about having the entire Rugby Association having to apology to Japan Air? That's how you know these guys were incredibly fucked up. Something tells me they just never were sober after Olympic Village. Why would they? Like I said, a standard trip to Olympic Village is basically college on steroids with way more people in shape. And probably more actual steroids too. 

I love the allegations too. Made a bathroom unusable, excessive drinking and ignoring crew requests. Yeah, that's about right. They all go hand-in-hand. You ever try telling a rugby team to calm down? Impossible. They aren't going to listen to anyone, especially when they are drinking. Rugby players are wild man. You need to be mentally prepared to drink with a rugby guy. 

Booze-fueled misbehavior is an A+ way to describe it all too. Great job by the Australian news there.