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Here's Wild Video of a Lady on a Cape Cod Beach Fighting Off a Coyote Who Had Zero Quit in Him

Fox 25 - Marcy Sterlis is an assistant principal in New York City trying to enjoy her summer, so she came to spend time on the Cape. Thursday morning, she went for a hike, solo, on Race Point beach at low tide.

It was a little before noon when she got some very unexpected company. She thought she might get close to some crabs or sea turtles, but not a coyote.

“I sat down to put my sneakers back on and as I was getting up, I look over and this coyote was four or five feet from me,” Sterlis said. “It was a little too curious because it wasn’t responding to my screams to get away from me or shaking at the stick.”

The relentless coyote kept coming at or at the least circling for an agonizing 10 minutes. ...

Thankfully, there were actual fishermen nearby. [Andrew] DeCarton and boat captain William Kelley heard her screams for help. ...


They took her back to her car, finally safe and sound from the menacing animal.

Fuck all. It's not bad enough the waters off the Cape are teeming with enough sharks that you could walk from Provincetown, around Orleans, and out to the Vineyard on the little murder torpedoes' dorsal fins without ever getting your pants wet. Now we've got fricking coyotes prowling the fricking beaches. Nature has added a land army to its submarine navy. What next? Some sort of amphibious creature like alligators or something? Maybe a species of bird that preys on humans? So they can add Marines and an air force to their armed services and really wipe us off the map?

And get a load of this coyote, who doesn't know the meaning of the word "quit." Or, apparently, the word "stick," because he simply refused to give up the hunt. I mean, ten minutes must be an eternity when you're in a life and death struggle to survive. And I'm sure there had to be some other food options available that were a lot easier to defeat. Dumpster diving out behind some seafood stand might not be the most dignified way to survive. But at least the uneaten fried clams don't try to bash your brains in with a softball bat sized piece of driftwood. 

Still, for once my childhood TV didn't lie to me when they told me a coyote simply will not give up the hunt, no matter how difficult his prey is to take down. 

Giphy Images.

It's just in their DNA to keep up the chase, even if it kills them. And the coyote's plan would've worked had she chose a different victim. But my guess is that when you've got experience surviving in the Mean Hallways of a NYC public school, you are no match for even the most ferocious land predator on the Cape. If those fisherman hadn't come along before she could finish the fight, Assistant Principal Sterlis would probably be dining out by the P-town fish pier tonight wearing a coat made of coyote fur. 

I wish they'd let her finish the mangy bastard off. Because until this thing is captured or killed, it's probably safer to be in the water down there.