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Playing Michael "The Situation" Sorrentino In A Tik Tok At The Actual Jersey Shore House Is An Honor

They think they're going to Jenk's...We're gonna take 'em to Times Square. Truly one of the most iconic pranks those 6 glorious seasons of Jersey Had to offer. Ya know actually, I would go far enough to say it's just one of the most ICONIC moments in all 6 seasons...not even pranks. I'll happily put that up there with Deena bringing back the Ronnie look-a-like (that Ronnie happened to know), The Snooki v. Angelina fight in Season 2, Pauly D's stalker stalking his whole entire life on the boardwalk, and more.

Not to mention how this was done in the literal Jersey Shore house. I can't even skate so I never even got to float with the idea of becoming a professional hockey player to score a goal at Madison Square Garden, so making a Jersey Shore Tik Tok in the actual Jersey Shore house may be the closest I'm ever gonna get to that feeling. And frankly if it is (it is) it could not be a bigger honor.