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Living Life: Alex Caruso Went IG Official With His Smokeshow Girlfriend And Then Got a $37 Million Bag From the Bulls

Yong Teck Lim. Getty Images.

Alex Caruso has had himself a few days to start the month of August. First of all, he got the bag with a four year, $37 million contract from the Bulls. 9 mill a year might not sound like a lot when you see guys like Jarrett Allen get $100 mill, but for Alex Caruso that's literally winning the lottery. You'd watch that dude play at Texas A&M and never once did it cross your mind he was going to get a 4 year $37 million contract in the NBA. He had Europe ball written all of him. Not so much. 

Dude went undrafted out of school. Then he found his way on the Lakers and produced consistently enough to gain LeBron's trust during their title run in the bubble. Now he's signing a deal where he doesn't have to worry about money for the rest of his life. You've got Lakers fans furious today that they didn't pony up to bring him back. ALEX CARUSO! 

I'll add one more tidbit to the legend of Caruso. He's now IG official with his girlfriend Mia Amabile.

I mean goodness gracious. Have yourself a fucking life Alex Caruso, have a life.  Dude's an inspiration to all.