You Are A Dork If You Complain About Spoilers From A TV Show That Premiered In A Different Century

So yesterday I posted a video of me from SopranosCon that I shot a few weeks ago. It was a wonderful at literally the Italian version of Comic-Con highlighted by talking to some cast members, meeting Big Time Tommie, and much more. My personal favorite part was sitting down to talk Dan Grimaldi, the man who played Patsy Parisi in the show, so I could ask him about my stone cold conspiracy theory that Patsy is the man who set up Tony Soprano to be killed. I laid that theory out here. 

Anyways I got a decent amount of replies to the tweet complaining about spoilers. Spoilers? Fucking SPOILERS? For a show that came out in a different century we're complaining about spoilers for?

I can understand if we're maybe saying spoilers for a remotely recent show say maybe Succession? Maybe EVEN Game of Thrones could fly yet would also be ridiculous, but there needs to be a statute of limitations when it comes to television spoilers & I'm gonna say when it comes to a show that premiered 22 years ago we are well within our rights to tweet about freely. 

And I'll happily back my talk up with an easy recent example that happened on Twitter. I've never watched the Wire & our good buddy Zah recently watched the first time and tweeted up a STORM during it. Like spoiler after spoiler after spoiler. Maybe someday I had panned to watch the Wire and that ruined it for me but ya know what? The Wire came out in 2002. No complains on my end…Spoil away, Zvataida.