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Introducing "Barstool Backstage"


Introducing "Barstool Backstage".

A little project that the super talented Tevo, and Youngstown Bob and I bootstrapped and have been working on for the past couple of months. And we're really happy to bring to light.

With the announcement of live music being allowed again, and the return of concerts, and festivals we saw an opportunity to showcase and feature some really great acts. Due to their prolonged absence, there seems to be a newfound, or refound, sense of appreciation for live music again.

Between our personal contacts, and the reach of Barstool, we were able to line up some really big artists that we got the chance to capture over a handful of shows.

We were lucky enough to have some other Barstool personalities, like Eddie, join in to discuss with these musicians what the past year without playing in front of crowds has been like, what they did the whole fuckin time, what they're most looking forward to now that live shows have returned, and other stuff like what it's like having a song referencing "sweat dripping down your balls" commemorated by The Smithsonian. 

We're looking to make this project big and take it from coast to coast covering shows in Boston, NYC, Vegas, Miami, and LA. So if you manage an artist, dj, or producer, or run a venue and think there's a show that should be featured reach out to me at

The first full episode drops on Thursday. We think you'll really like it. 

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