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This Sunglass-Wearing Orangutan Is Easily The Coolest Guy At The Zoo

Listen...if you can't look at an orangutan throwing on a pair of sunglasses at the zoo and belly laugh for hours on end you're the worst person alive. That shit is the most wholesome stuff I've seen since the Charlie bit my finger video...Ever heard of it?

There's just something special about a primate doing dumb shit at the zoo. There really is. I hope everyone is on the same train as me that the primates run the show when it comes to the zoo. The bears are OK. The cheetahs can be cool. The Lions are literally ALWAYS sleeping, hell those guys are too much of assholes to even hangout with their wives & kids. I'll admit the Tigers are awesome. But nothing gets the juices flowing like once you get to the area where the primates are to see the Apes, Gorillas (they might be the same thing), and orangutans. 

The pure fascination of how seemingly fully-functional they are always revs my engine. Seeing them normally break down some lettuce or play with their kids is always cool. Although imagine seeing an orangutan rocking some sunglasses? It's literally ALL downhill from there. I almost feel sad for the people in attendance that day because their zoo experiences will never be the same again.