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A Stray Cat Just Wreaked Havoc In Yankee Stadium and Caused MVP Chants

The Yankees put up a real stinker tonight with Andew Heaney serving up 4 bombs to the O’s and no one hitting, but the real story was this cat. I mean you wanna talk athleticism? Wanna talk heart? A refusal to lose? Sign this cat right now. Put this fella on the basepaths and let it wreak havoc. Never heard MVP chants for a cat before tonight, but they were deserving. Dude didn’t get touched for 4 minutes while being by every security guard in the building. 

By the way, how in the world does a cat find its way onto the field in Yankee Stadium? I also wonder if not for opening the side gate would the security team have ever caught that little guy? I mean he was leaping 4 feet into the air like it was nobody’s business. Need that guy to come back at some point when the O’s aren’t kicking our ass.