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Todd Frazier's Nephew Just Fulfilled His Destiny By Leading Toms River To The LLWS

NY Post- The Beasts from the East are back, and they’re heading to Bristol.

Toms River East Little League — powered by solid defense, clutch pitching and a three-run homer from Carson Frazier — defeated Hillsdale 8-4 on Sunday night, capturing the New Jersey State title.

The win sealed the 12-year-old All-Stars’ berth to the Mid Atlantic regional tournament in Bristol, Conn, which kicks off Sunday.

Destiny. There is no other word to possibly write on this other than destiny because I don't know if you guys have heard, BUT a major league baseball player named Todd Frazier actually won the 1998 Little League World Series with his team. That team just so happened to be from, you guessed it, Toms River New Jersey. He later stood next to Derek Jeter one time at Yankee Stadium. But like I said I highly doubt you've heard that story before. 

So for the select few people that HAVE HEARD this story it really seems to be that this must be some sort of destiny due to Todd's nephew, Carson, leading the 2021 Toms River team due to a 3-run dinger to send them off to Bristol for the Mid-Atlantic Tournament. If my knowledge of the LLWS serves me correctly (It probably shouldn't since I know nothing) the winner of the Mid-Atlantic Tournament would THEN go to Williamsport which we all know from our extensive week long watch of the LLWS every Summer. I couldn't be any more confident in Toms River after reading this article today. After what happened in 1998 they should almost eliminate all future Fraziers from participating on account of them being such a cheat code. 

But in all honesty the Todd Frazier/Toms River storyline is truly the gift that keeps on giving. It'll never cease to make me laugh that one man could be engraved in one town. I mean I was literally driving down the road in Toms River last week only to see this...and I couldn't be any LESS shocked.

I mean the man literally tweets out traffic updates from around the Toms River area. 

There is no one better than that man…who happens to be from Toms River, NJ…and won the LLWS…and stood next to Derek Jeter. Now it's time for Carson to take the torch and fulfill his destiny. Go Toms River.