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THE UNITED CENTER IS GOING TO BE FUN: Bulls Sign Lonzo Ball To A 4 Year $85M Deal

This has been rumored FOREVER. Like the Sandlot way of saying forever. Now it finally happened. The Bulls got their mans. They have their point guard. I don't know what exactly it means for Colby White, but he's probably better off ball anyways. The Bulls are done rebuilding and trying to build through the draft. Lonzo helps the Bulls. Feels like he is a polarizing player on the internet. I asked our EIC for his take and here is what Coley had to say

"Lonzo is really good. Terrific passer, tenacious defender, shooting is streaky but much better than when he first game into the league. Him and Lavine should be a tough backcourt"--Coley Mick

I love a team that plays together and moves the ball. With Lonzo and Vooch they'll be at least entertaining and possibly even good. The United Center is going to be rocking all winter long. It's been so long since we were able to get excited about both the Hawks and Bulls. I love being able to come home 4-6 nights a week and know that I've got my night planned. Bulls and Hawks will both be worth watching. If Patrick Williams takes a step this summer the Bulls could be dangerous. Let's go. 

Side note…I LOVE that we get to have a Ball family member in Chicago. The dad is probably going to be worth 4-5 blogs a year and hopefully Lonzo and the Bulls are worth more than that.