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Hookah Doncic: The Most Amazing Basketball Play On The Internet

This is one of those viral videos that are just the epitome of why the internet exists.

The guy rips a hookah, makes a huge steal, drives through the lane gets an and1, for the bucket. 

Doesn't get more epic than that for the guy who has earned the term 'Hookah Doncic".

Contrary to the tweet caption this was shot in Boston at the SAVE R STREETS tournament at the Timothy.

Whoever this is I hope they do not end up like the Suns in 4 guy. Sometimes it's great to bask at the moment and not be in the spotlight long enough to turn into a villain. 

The SAVE R STREETS initiative is put on by Score 4 more 

NECN- "It's a two-day basketball tournament and peace weekend," said Elizabeth Miranda of Score 4 More. "We feed the entire park. We play about 20 games of basketball. We have arts and crafts, and we even do a community awards ceremony."

It's a gathering that's been a tradition for seven years. Score 4 More partners with the Ten Point Coalition, a Boston group whose goal is to reduce gang violence.

Nicotine has been known to improve neural cognition so the hookah hit could have acted like a power-up as many are saying. 

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