Nick Foles Says He's Better Now Than He Was During The Super Bowl. You Know What That Means...

There's still a part of me that resents every single person in the Philadelphia Eagles organization for the way this franchise ruined Carson Wentz. There's still a part of me that resents every single person who works in Philly sports talk radio for getting behind the wheel of the Wentz vs Foles debate and driving it off a cliff. Carson Wentz was supposed to be the face of the Philadelphia Eagles for the next decade, and that got beyond fucked just a few years in. 

With all that being said.....

Well I just have to admit how good it feels to be on the outside looking in now. Nick Foles is better now than he was in 2017, by his own admission obviously but I'm just going to take his word for it. Frank Reich is in need of another quarterback now that Carson Wentz has had foot surgery which will keep him out for up to 12 weeks. The Bears already have their quarterback of the future in Justin Fields. So why not make it happen? Why not give the NFL the drama it deserves? Why not give the fans the absolute chaos and carnage that we so desperately crave? 

Just keep treating Carson Wentz QB Controversies like it's the Fast & Furious franchise. I'm not looking for a sequel. I'm not looking for a trilogy. We're looking for controversies 7, 8, 9. Get the old gang back together. Who knows, maybe they could even do a little role reversal here and it'll all work out for Indy in the end. Have Nick Foles playing weeks 1-10. Then have Carson Wentz come back from his injury, take over and lead the Colts to another Super Bowl. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Maybe this is exactly what needs to be done to cure Carson Wentz of the curse he is clearly experiencing. 

Long story short, Big Dick Nick is wearing the wrong shade of blue right now. And all jokes aside, that was a pretty kick ass answer from Foles on that question. Say what you want about the guy as a player right now, but that's a mentality you want in your locker room if you have championship aspirations. 

Go Birds.