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Tom Brady Threw a 'Temper Tantrum' in Bucs Practice. And That is the Sound of Your Doom.

If there is one great, existential threat to any successful organization in any walk of life, it is, ironically enough, success itself. Empires, nations, militaries, businesses, artists, are all vulnerable to that insidious destroyer of worlds, complacency. So systems fail because there's a tendency to lose the edge that brought you that success. And feel like the price no longer has to be paid. 

And for sure it happens to athletes and teams. Win a championship and there is a natural, human tendency toward satisfaction. To fall in love with the sweet ambrosia of your own gas. To start to become convinced of your own greatness everyone after hearing it shouted to you by joyful drunks at your victory parade. It's especially true in the NFL. Which is why they haven't had a repeat Super Bowl champion in almost 20 years and recent budding dynasties like the Seahawks, Broncos, Panthers and Falcons were reduced to ashes in short order. 

As Voltaire put it, “History is filled with the sound of silken slippers going downstairs and wooden shoes coming up.” Or as Bane put it, "Peace has cost you your strength, victory has defeated you." And Bane would've kicked Voltaire's French, philosophical, Age of Enlightenment ass right into his Balzac.

But some great people are just wired differently 

Source -  Tom Brady was so ticked off over some poor plays at Bucs practice on Sunday ... he threw a major temper tantrum, cussing, slamming his helmet and even punting a football.

Reporters on the scene in Tampa say it all went down during 11-on-11 drills ... with the G.O.A.T. going off after he took a would-be sack.

Tom grabbed the ball and booted it in frustration ... sending the pigskin over 40 yards.

On the next series, Tom was sacked again and threw a few incompletions … leading to an even bigger meltdown.

All of which should be taken as terrible, awful, really bad news for anyone in the NFC South, the NFC, the NFL or planet Earth if their plan for their own success has been predicated on Brady losing his will to work hard at of 43.95 years of age. Which, by the way, is exactly what the AFC East and AFC hung their hat on for 20 years, and it never happened for them, either. Not after one Super Bowl at the beginning of his career. Not after the next two. Not after going 10 years without a ring. Not after the next three. Not through all the phony baloney scandals and other assorted non-troveries. And, based on these reports, not after reaffirming his own greatness in his first season with the (previously) losingest franchise in NFL history. 

 Brady is just wired differently. There's a glitch in his programming that prevents him from feathering the gas pedal. He's got one speed and it involves standing on the accelerator. He's so obsessed with adding to his trophy collection he's screaming at his teammates and using sailor talk as sentence enhancers. So obsessed that he doesn't even fear Zeus:

This maniac is ready to face a million volts of hot, zizzing death from above rather than miss the five minutes of prep time he'll lose by getting everyone to safety. Because he knows if he gets struck by a bolt, it'll either have no effect on him, or probably just add to his superpowers. 

He's not afraid of anything but failure. But you should be afraid of him. Be very afraid. Now and forever.