Dak Prescott Tried to Slam His Dislocated Ankle Back Into Place On The Field

Everybody knows Dak Prescott's injury in Mid-October against the Giants was gruesome. But it was unveiled today it was even worse once team trainers and coaches got on the field with him. In Today's Football Morning In America Peter King talked with Cowboys HC Mike McCarthy and Dak about the injury. What they described was absolutely savage:

Four years after being a fourth-round pick of the Cowboys, Prescott had worked his way into a solid starter, and the Dallas offense was all his, and their playoff hopes rode heavily on his shoulders. And in an instant, his right foot was torqued in a different direction, his ankle dislocated.

“I walked up on him when he was down on the field,” McCarthy told me, “and I don’t think I’ve seen anything exactly like it. He was trying to put his ankle back together, right there on the field. It was almost—this isn’t quite the right word—but it was almost barbaric.”

Prescott to me, on a quiet day at camp last Friday: “I remember that. My mom had always told us when we got hurt, just to get off the field so she knew that we were like okay. I initially thought I had rolled it and I had looked and grabbed my ankle and it was facing the other way. I’m like, ‘No way.’ I just was trying to like, I thought maybe if I slammed it into place a couple times it’d just snap back or maybe it was just dislocated and it wasn’t broken, stuck like it was. When I did that a couple of times and it didn’t move, that’s when I just started waving to get help. I was literally like, ‘I can’t do this myself. Help, help.’ “ via Peter King's Football Morning in America

We've heard of tough guys popping dislocated fingers or shoulders back into place, but this ankle?! His body was facing Houston and his ankle was facing Austin! 

Dak did say he doesn't have any restrictions with it and only has to stretch a little bit longer before getting on the field. Hopefully that proves true to a guy who was in the MVP discussions before getting hurt last year.